Get Me Off Motos

I have not broken a limb on a moto yet. Yet.

In an effort to live simply and due to their high cost, I have avoided the purchase of a car in Rwanda.  I take motorcycle taxis almost everywhere I go.  They are prevalent and they are cheap.  There are also buses, but they are so very slow that rarely can I afford the 2 hour trip that is associated with almost any local bus trip. (Don't even ask what a bus trip outside of Kigali can be like!)  

But the truth is motos are very dangerous.  The motorcycles are not in good shape and the drivers can be very inexperienced, disrespectful of the laws of physics or even drunk.  I consider it a great gift of God that I have not been in an accident yet but at this point, I need to accept the reality that my safety and the safety of my team is important.  

Your support purchasing a car will help our program run more efficiently and effectively in numerous ways. It will be used by our entire team in Kigali--particularly during the rainy seasons when the roads are incredibly dangerous. Ultimately, this resource will enable me to mentor and love more students  in Jesus name.

Africa is rising, and These Numbers Have Faces is too. Thank you for rising with us.


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